I hope not. More than almost anything in my life, I hope not.
Which two terrors do I mean? Let’s start with the earliest: the terror that the Inquisition fastened onto Spain in the later 1500s right into the 1600s. That was terror from the top down which claimed to be in search of secret Muslims and Jews with a very occasional Protestant stumbled over.
When the Inquisition came for somebody, it was almost always at night. And once the black robes had their intended victim, they would stop their mouths with something called an ‘iron pear’ or something like it so…

Fascists savor our tears.
That is, the tears of liberals and progressives.
Nearly all of such tears are shed either for people, or other living creatures, less able to fend for themselves than are we. Or those trying to give us that impression. Fatah and Hamas, I’m looking right at you!
Or they are shed for the damage or ruin, realized or possible, of things much greater than ourselves but which we cherish. Such as singular landscapes, species or, indeed, the country we all love in a much deeper way than do the fascists. Too often those that love our country most…

“Allow me to say, in conclusion, notwithstanding the dark picture I have this day presented of the state of the nation, I do not despair of this country. There are forces in operation, which must inevitably work the downfall of slavery.”
Frederick Douglass said this. It is in his address telling a white American audience what a sham the Fourth was to the slaves. On this day, it strikes me with considerable force that he did not despair. Two years before, William Lloyd Garrison had despaired and had shrieked, “Up with the flag of disunion!!” Seven years later, John Brown…

I remember hearing he was shot before I went to bed that night. I was almost twelve at the time. The next morning, my folks had no news but when I got to my school and saw the flag at half-mast, I knew we'd lost Bobby. I will never ever forget how sad and angry I felt all at once.

From one 'privileged' white male to another: you capsulize what white privilege is better than anyone I've read to date. The only summation pithier than yours are these sentences: 'White privilege doesn't mean you haven't had difficulties in your life. It DOES mean your skin color didn't contribute anything to those difficulties."

Walter, was I 'disrespectful' of your beliefs about religion by acquainting you with some of my beliefs and sharing that link with you? I really need to know; I wouldn't think so as you seem like someone who can hold up their end of a civil discussion concerning religion, among other things, but I'm as capable of error as the next person. I certainly meant no disrespect, anyhow.

Quite true that it's the ultimate hypocrisy, but I can't help asking: would these AMHs (for Adult Male Hominid; not sure I'd call them 'men') be saying such a viciously patronizing thing if, apropos of 'fill in the blank', it wasn't inflicted on them first. Just a question, and a non-rhetorical one. I hope for some serious feedback on this point.

Beautiful, Carol. Just beautiful.

There's another difference which I touch on in a post to which I'll provide a link: fascists live and die by irrationality while the Commies and other alt-left groups seem to have declared war on human irrationality. But they don't realize that, by declaring such war, their actions (whatever can be said of theory) also become guided by human irrationality! Neither approach leads anywhere but to mass slaughter.


Brian Meadows

An angry straight white Anglo-Saxon angry at most of his 'own kind'.

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