Brian Meadows
4 min readJan 26, 2022

I’ve seen a figure that cheers me. 76% of us want to defend democracy.
Well and good, sez I. But then a question follows hard on the heels: how many of us realize the scope of what we fight for and fight against? Absolutely, we need to act locally. We need to run for our local school boards and, once there, stand stalwartly for the teaching of truth. Historical truth and scientific truth. Both change from time to time as new discoveries are made and new perspectives take shape.
We need to have our young people go with the ascertainable facts and question everything else. We need to ground them in a history that is productive (as are nearly all histories) of both pride and shame. We need to give our young people the tools to make sure the shameful parts of our history are not repeated and are redeemed by giving the history of which we deserve to be proud new life.
But we also need to grasp the urgency of this moment and the planetary scope of this war — yes, war — in which we are currently engaged. We need to do all we can to ensure this November sees a Democratic tsunami on all — yes, all — electoral levels! If anything else happens, democracy’s future in our country becomes questionable at best and at worst it’ll be dead, maybe for the rest of the lives of many of us.
We fight for the emergence of something very new in human history: a multiracial, multiethnic, multi-faith democratic republic! This is something new in human history, folks!! But then, this is the U.S.A.! Haven’t we always thought of ourselves as pioneers? Well, fellow-pioneers, here’s a new frontier for us to cross! How about it?
There have been multiracial, etc., political units before. Mostly designated as empires, with either one absolute despot at the top or an oligarchy on whatever basis. The most recent examples were the empires of the European Great Powers ruled by European peoples. Racism was at least sort-of built into their working mechanisms as it was built into our own. We have made efforts to dismantle the racism since the 1950s. Our degree of success in this worthy endeavor is debatable, to say the least.
But no such political entity has ever been a democracy even to the extent we still are. We fight for democracy’s further expansion; our enemies — yes, I wrote and I mean our enemies — are for scrapping democracy and returning to despotism. I personally believe many of them would like to crown and anoint Orange Julius Caesar (thank you, Joy my dear liege-lady!) as King-Emperor!
Our enemies are hateful people who want all the wealth and power…

Brian Meadows

An angry straight white Anglo-Saxon angry at most of his 'own kind'.