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  • Judith Hansen

    Judith Hansen

    Writer, blogger, a burr in the saddle of lousy theology. Hating how the Bible has been used to subjugate women. Bad theology costs lives.

  • Brian M. Williams, JD

    Brian M. Williams, JD

    Writer, Traveler, Educator, Mardi Gras DJ with a JD. Author of “Stranger in a Stranger Land: My Six Years in Korea” and “When a Stolen Child Returns.”

  • Ms. Rouge

    Ms. Rouge

    FemDom bohemian living her best life in Chicago.

  • Julie Dunham

    Julie Dunham

    I’m a freelance blogger living life Coastal Georgia style. After decades of helping business owners, I now write about everything I’ve learned along the way.

  • Paul Goodman

    Paul Goodman

    Anglo-American writer of Philosophy, Politics, Music, Science, Sobriety, and the History of Ideas. Born in the UK, lived in Florida for 10+ years, loves travel.

  • Kelsey Joy

    Kelsey Joy

    Disrupting the western story with God’s Biblical narrative. Focusing on educating Christians about Israel and the Middle East.

  • JonesE


    I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

  • James Merchant

    James Merchant

    Metaphysics with drum brakes

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